OXO Biodegradable

Oxo-biodegradable plastic is made by blending a pro-degradant additive into the plastic during the extrusion process. The additive causes the molecular structure of plastic to break down when exposed to heat or sunlight. The plastic will eventually be in a state where it can be digested by microorganisms. At this point, the plastic will degrade at a faster rate until it has fully degraded into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass.
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Oxo-biodegradable Plastic

Benefits of oxo-biodegradable plastic

No difference in print quality, texture, or strength between regular and oxo-biodegradable plastic.
Oxo-biodegradable plastic has a long shelf-life. It will last for many years if stored indoors.
Oxo-biodegradable plastic is recyclable. Other forms of degradable plastic are not.
Oxo-biodegradable plastic will degrade in a landfill.
The degradation process does not release methane.
Degradable plastic is an insurance policy against litter.


Questions about degradable plastic

Oxo-biodegradable plastics contain special additives that degrade polymers into smaller pieces. The additives catalyze the breakdown of the long molecular chains in the plastic material, causing the plastic to become brittle and fragment sooner into smaller bits when exposed to sunlight, heat, and microorganisms. It settles more easily than an ordinary plastic bag with air, and occupies less space. Hence, giving oxo-biodegradation a distinct advantage over prior methods for degrading plastic.

In a landfill, Oxo-biodegradable plastic will quickly degrade when exposed to the elements (sunlight, heat, and microorganisms) as they assist the degradation process. Unlike other types of degradable plastic, Oxo-biodegradable plastic will not release methane as it degrades. That is another advantage over prior forms of biodegradable plastic.

Are oxo-biodegradable plastic recyclable?

Yes, Oxo-biodegradable plastic bags are recyclable and reusable prior to the onset of degradation.

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