Garbage Bag

Award Packaging Industries offers a variety of trash bags for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. Our garbage or bin bags are the best solutions for waste management, controlling leakage and odors, and preventing invasion by pests and insects. We proudly produce quality garbage bags that are thick and sturdy to withhold heavy weighing commodities.


Available in Generic and Custom-made designs:

Star-sealed, Scented & Pest Repellent, Draw String

High Quality Plastic


Flat Seal

Flat bin bags are sealed on the bottom and the sides are tucked in to form gussets or extensions. 


Gusset Seal

Gusseted bin bags are sealed on the bottom and the sides are tucked in to form gussets or extensions. These side gusset pouches maximize the storage capacity allowing it to hold more products.


Star Seal

Also known as an “X-seal,” a star seal is the most commonly found seal today. Designed without gussets, it eliminates gaps along the seal where leaks can occur. This allows the bag to conform to the shape of the container more easily and distributes refuse weight evenly around the bag.



Bag that has a drawstring closure system.


Fragrance & Pest Repellent

Scented trash bags to block and reduce odors.

Product Range Details:

HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE/ Oxo-Biodegradable additives
Up to 6 colors
Film Colors:
Any Colors
8 micron and above
150- 1000mm (approx.)
Up to 2000mm (approx.)

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